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Electrical Machines (ENTECH)

Electrical Machines (ENTECH)
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Lehrstuhl: Intitute of Electrical Engineering (ETI) - Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)
Semester: SS 2017

kleiner ETI Hörsaal, Room 105, Building 11.10


Monday, 9:45 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.

Beginn: 24. April. 2017

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Doppelbauer

SWS: 2
ECTS: 4.5
LVNr.: 23315

Language: English

Course description


Electrical machine is one of the key components of the energy transition from the traditional fossil energy to renewable energy. The purpose of this course is to introduce the fundamentals of electrical machines and their applications in drive systems. The students should have a solid understanding of energy conversion and understand the principles of the most commonly used machines after these series of lectures and exercises.

The classical theories of electromagnetic energy conversion and electromechanical energy conversion will be introduced firstly. The induction machines and the synchronous machines will then be treated after introducing the rotational field theories.

The drive systems and the mechanical transmission elements will be explained and examples of their applications will be given in the lectures. Different operating modus of the electrical machines will be treated and the thermal characteristics will also be discussed.



Basic knowledge of the principles of electromagnetic fields is required.


Lecture materials:


Termin Thema Download
24.04.2017 Introduction Introduction
08.05.2017 Electromagnetic Basics Electromagnetic Basics.pdf
15.05.2017 Transformers Transformers.pdf
18.05.2017 Basics of Rotating Electric Machines I Basics of Rotating Electric Machines.pdf
22.05.2017 Basics of Rotating Electric Machines II "
01.06.2017 Induction Machines I Induction Machines.pdf
19.06.2017 Induction Machines II "
26.06.2017 Mechanical Transmission Elements Mechanical Transmission Elements.pdf
03.07.2017 Drives and Loads Drives and Driven Loads.pdf
10.07.2017 Heating and Protection Heating and Protection.pdf
17.07.2017 Synchronous Machines I Synchronous Machines.pdf
20.07.2017 Synchronous Machines II "
24.07.2017 Small Motors Small Motors.pdf

Download the new lecture plan SS2017 (edited April 25th).

Username: entech
Passwort: will be announced during the first lecture



Dates of the oral examination in SS 2017 upon request. Therefor, a registration form should be completed and sent to our secretary per e-mail: LINK.