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Jing Ou, Yingzhen Liu, Ronghai Qu, Martin Doppelbauer

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics ( Volume: 65, Issue: 5, May 2018 )

Jing Ou, Yingzhen Liu, Markus Schiefer, Martin Doppelbauer

IEEE Transactions on Magnetics ( Volume: 53, Issue: 11, Nov. 2017 )

Jing Ou; Patrick Breining; Martin Doppelbauer; Markus Schiefer

Drive Systems 2017; 7th VDE/VDI Symposium

Jing Ou,Yingzhen Liu, Martin Doppelbauer

AIMS Electronics and Electrical Engineering, 2017, 1(1)

Jing Ou; Martin Doppelbauer

2016 18th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE'16 ECCE Europe)

Liste Studien-/Diplomarbeiten 2983
title chair tutor Image
Thermal field analysis of an interior permanent- magnet high-speed motor

Jing Ou

Sensorless control of a high-speed interior PM motor

Jing Ou

Rotorverlustanalyse der Hochdrehzahl-PM-Maschine unter Berücksichtigung des Einflusses von PWM

Jing Ou

Dawei Liang

Load ability comparison study of the copper winding made of flat wire and round wire

Jing Ou

Hongfei Lu

Analyses of rotor stress and motor natural frequencies of an interior permanent-magnet high-speed synchronous motor

Jing Ou