Institute of Electrical Engineering (ETI)

The Institute of Electrical Engineering (ETI) is part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and hast been established 1985.

Fields of Research
At the Electrotechnical Institute, experts in power electronics, electrical machines and drive control do research. A unique selling point of the EIT is the close cooperation between these related research fields, for each of which there is a professorship. The exact research focus and competences of the Electrotechnical Institute can be found here.

Study and Teaching
Study and teaching is an important pillar of the Electrotechnical Institute. The institute offers numerous lectures, seminars and workshops in the field of power electronics and electrical drives, which can be found here. Currently advertised student theses (bachelor and master theses) can be found here.

Our Skills and Equipment
At the Electrotechnical Institute, various power converter systems (including signal processing) are being developed in different power classes. In addition, numerous motor test benches are available at the institute. The competences and equipment can be found here.