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Electrical Machines

Electrical Machines
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Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Doppelbauer




Language: English


This course focuses on electric machines being relevant for use in automobiles. It introduces fundamentals of electromechanical energy conversion and the operation principles of electric machines. Main machine topologies as well as the different steady-state characteristics are explained. Advantages and disadvantages of the different electric machine topologies are given.

Course Objectives

The course objectives are to get an overview of different electric machine topologies. To gain experience with the principle characteristics of different electric machine topologies. To learn how to analyze given electric machines and to explain and train the fundamental steps how to develop electric machines for new applications.

Learning Targets/Skills

The participants

  • gain knowledge of electric vehicle engines
  • gain an understanding of the various function principles of electric motors and their characteristics
  • are able to apply methods and tools for the analysis and the design of electric motors


Knowledge and experience in fundamentals of electrical engineering and higher mathematics are required. Knowledge about electromagnetic fields is desirable but not necessary.

Teaching Method

The course structure consists of lectures as well as integrated interactive exercises and discussions.