Implementation and validation of a structural model of a rotor disk in a multi-stack axial flux machine for heavy duty applications

  • Forschungsthema:Construction and cooling
  • Typ:Bachelor
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    Erling Gjeset

    Martin Bremer

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    to be assigned

  • Motivation
    Axial flux machines present interesting opportunities for high torque density electric motors, since they typically provide higher values of torque with the same volume as a conventional radial flux machine. This topology also lends
    itself easily to stacking multiple stators/rotors in order to achieve higher power and torque. However, the rotational and magnetic forces acting on the magnets and rotor disk makes the design vulnerable to mechanical failure.
    It is therefore crucial to determine the stresses and deformation of the rotor as a tool for design and optimization of the rotor and magnet support structure.

    The aim of this project is to implement and validate a structural analysis model for the middle rotor disk in a multi-stack axial flux machine. This particular rotor will consist of multiple magnet segments supported by a lightweight and non-conductive material. The support structure must be designed in such a way that the magnet segments will be able to withstand both axial magnetic forces and radial/tangential dynamic forces. The work should be structured as follows:

     - Basic theory and literature review

     - Design of a parametrized support structure in Autodesk Inventor

     - Setup of structural mechanics model in Ansys Mechanical

     - Design optimization and material selection considerations based on the structural mechanic simulations

    Note: The work and supervision will be done in English.