Experimental and Theoretical Research on Cogging Torque of PM Synchronous Motors Considering Manufacturing Tolerances

  • Autor:

    Jing Ou, Yingzhen Liu, Ronghai Qu, Martin Doppelbauer

  • Quelle:

    IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics ( Volume: 65, Issue: 5, May 2018 )

  • Motivation

    High-speed PM machines have high power densities and efficiencies and have been used in a number of engineering applications. One of the key challenges of high-speed machine is the heat dissipation of rotor because of its compact size. This may cause irreversible PM demagnetization. According to the previous research and literatures, the losses in the rotor caused by high frequency harmonics generated by PWM are very high. Hence, it is necessary to consider the influence of PWM in high-speed machine design. When considering the influence of PWM, whether the surface-mounted PM machine or the interior PM machine has lower rotor losses is worth a research.