A Hybrid Permanent Magnet and Wound Field Synchronous Machine with Displaced Reluctance Axis Capable of Symmetric Four Quadrant Operation

  • Autor:

    Patrick Winzer, Martin Doppelbauer

  • Quelle:

    EPE'16 ECCE Europe, Karlsruhe, Germany

  • Datum: 06.-08.09.2016
  • This paper presents a novel hybrid permanent magnet and wound field synchronous machine geometry with a displaced reluctance axis. This concept is known for improving motor operation performance and efficiency at the cost of an inferior generator operation. To overcome this disadvantage, the proposed machine geometry is capable of inverting the magnetic asymmetry dynamically. Thereby, the positive effects of the magnetic asymmetry can be used in any operation point. This paper examines the theoretical background and shows the benefits of this geometry by means of simulation and measurement. The prototype achieves an increase in torque of 4% and an increase in efficiency of 2 percentage points over a conventional electrically excited synchronous machine.