Increasing the Operating Range of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors by Switching the Winding Configurations

  • Autor:

    Miriam Boxriker, Patrick Winzer, Johannes Kolb, Martin Doppelbauer

  • Quelle:

    2nd IEEE Southern Power Electronics Conference (SPEC)

  • Datum: 5-8 December 2016 Auckland, New Zealand
  • This paper presents a holistic approach to determine the effect of online reconfiguration of the motor winding of a synchronous permanent magnet motor resulting in switching the number of turns. The analysis is based on a parameter plane, which predicts the behavior of synchronous machine designs by using only two normalized parameters, the permanent magnet flux linkage and the ratio of the quadrature axis inductance Lq to the direct axis inductance Ld. This enables a fast and reliable evaluation of all alternate winding configurations under given constraints. By generating a Pareto front, superior switching configurations can be identified. An exemplary configurable winding machine - implemented in a finite element analysis (FEA) - shows a significant improvement with respect to maximum torque (increase by 20.3%) and usable torque-speed operating range (increase by 5.5%) compared to the best fixed-winding configuration. The contribution demonstrates that this approach is not only applicable for permanent magnet synchronous motors but also for synchronous reluctance, electrically excited synchronous and induction motors.