Measurement of Two-Level Inverter Induced Current Slopes at High Switching Frequencies for Control and Identification Algorithms of Electrical Machines

  • Autor:

    Simon Decker, Andreas Liske, Daniel Schweiker, Johannes Kolb, Michael Braun

  • Quelle:

    The 2018 International Power Electronics Conference, IPEC'18 ECCE Asia, Niigata, Japan

  • Datum: 20-24.05.2018
  • Several modern control and online identification algorithms for electrical machines are based on fast current slope detection. This paper shows and compares several identification methods for the inverter induced current slopes at high switching frequencies and high bandwidth of the measured signal. Test bench measurements with a SiC-MOSFET-inverter with switching frequencies up to 60 kHz and an RL-load are used to compare the different identification methods. Best results among the investigated methods have been achieved with an easy implementable printed circuit board (PCB) design of a planar Rogowski coil.