E-motors of high power density

  • Contact:

    Torsten Epskamp 

  • Project Group:

    Electromagnetic design

  • Funding:

    Projekthaus e-Drive

  • Partner:

    Daimler AG

  • Startdate:

    Feb 2012

The aim of the work is the assessment of E-machine concepts to increase their power density in terms of use in the electrified drive train of motor vehicles.

It is examined how the power density of E-machines can be increased through increased speed and increased torque density. The use of classical radial-flow machines is examined and compared with the possibilities that offer novel engine types, such as axial and transverse flow engines. When looking at high speeds the resulting losses must be taken into account and the design must be complied with mechanical strength limits. For the increase of torque density possibilities to improve heat dissipation, increased filling degrees, new materials and a maximum usage of the component life time are examined. At all measures is the compatibility with the complete drive system to be taken into account.