ETI Institute Colloquium (Summer Semester 2022)

Due to given circumstances, the Institute Colloquium will take place exclusively online via MS Teams. To participate in the lectures, please use this Link (use only possible via the app MS Teams or via the internet browsers Edge/Chrome).The lectures will take place online in Microsoft Teams every Monday at 14:30.

Date Speaker Title
23.05.2022 Dr. Thorsten Grün (Freudenberg SE in Weinheim) Use of Battery Systems in Maritime Applications
20.06.2022 Tobias Kohl (Rolls-Royce Solutions GmbH in Friedrichshafen) Shipping on the Way to Climate Neutrality - Technologies in the Stress Test, what Role does Electrification Play?
11.07.2022 Dr. Armin Schmiegel (REFU Drive GmbH in Pfullingen) From the Smoking Exhaust to the Clean Socket - Design Steps from the Diesel-Powered Mobile Machine to the All-Electric Mobile Machine

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Analysis of balancing algorithms for Quasi- Two/Three-Level Single Phase Operation of a Flying Capacitor Converter
Mersche, S.; Bayer, M.; Rickert, K.; Hiller, M.
2022. 24th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE’22 ECCE Europe), Hannover, Germany, 05-09 September 2022, P.1-P.10, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
An Optimal Charging Scheduler Based Charging Strategy of a Real Life Hybrid Energy Storage for a Solar and Wind Equipped Student Residence
Palaniswamy, L. N.; Munzke, N.; Kupper, C.; Hiller, M.
2022, October 14. 21st Wind and Solar Integration Workshop (2022), The Hague, Netherlands, October 12–14, 2022
Loss Estimation of a Dual Active Bridge as part of a Solid State Transformer using Frequency Domain Modelling
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