Excursion to Siemens Energy

  • On 8 April 2024, as part of the lecture "Power Electronic Systems in Power Engineering" of the Chair of Power Electronic Systems, a group of 20 Master's students and five research assistants from the Institute of Electrical Engineering (ETI) and the Institute of Electrical Energy Systems (IEH) led by Prof. Marc Hiller went on a one-day excursion to the production and testing of power converters for HVDC & FACTS applications at Siemens Energy's Humboldtstraße and Katzwanger Straße sites in Nuremberg. After an introduction to HVDC PLUS technology, the group of visitors had the opportunity to view the production of submodules and power converter components for the MMC-based HVDC converters. The students were able to experience a live demonstration of a real valve test for grid-connected HVDC power converters in the "Power Converter Test Center". A tour of the versatile testing facilities for development and type testing of the self-controlled HVDC-MMC power converters concluded the technical tour before the students were presented with possible career prospects at Siemens Energy. Our special thanks go to Dr. Mischa Nagel, Dr. Rodrigo Alvarez, Julian Lange and Sebastian Semmler as well as the Siemens Energy team for the great guided tours and the insights into these technologies, which are so important for the global energy transition.