Energy Storage Systems in Application

The Institute of Electrical Engineering (ETI) with its Energy Storage Systems Department on Campus North carries out research and development work at the Battery Technology Center of KIT, from battery development to overall system integration.

Within the battery system development, optimizations of assembly and disassembly are carried out for the uniform and safe commissioning of storage systems. The reliable control of thermal stress as well as innovative and application-oriented power electronics down to the cell level also play an important role in system development. The BMS algorithms, including forecasting software, will also optimized.

In addition to battery system development, overall system integration is the focus of R&D works at ETI. All subsystem data is recorded centrally and intelligent control and regulation of the entire system is developed. At the same time, an optimization of the power electronics for the grid integration of storage systems is taking place to improve the control of grid feed-in, island operations and the provision of grid services. The intelligently linked energy systems and sector couplings with integrated energy storage systems are an essential part of the research. In addition, the ETI is developing and setting up large-scale prototypes up to very small series of storage systems.

In order to investigate the safety and efficiency of home storage systems, a test infrastructure for these systems was set up at the EIT. The functional validation of stationary storage systems will be integrated into state-of-the-art hardware-in-the-loop test benches, which represents a unique measurement procedure. In addition, more than 100 photovoltaic test systems, inverters from various manufacturers and load simulations are integrated into the solar storage facility and have been investigated since commissioning in 2013.



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