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    The Electrotechnical Institute (ETI) belongs to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology within the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and was established in 1895. The research work at the ETI pursues an interdisciplinary approach in the fields of energy transition and electromobility. An essential building block for the energy transition is application-oriented and energy-efficient power electronics. In particular, the optimal design of power semiconductors and passive components plays a decisive role in meeting the increasing requirements in an energy- and cost-efficient manner. The constantly growing energy market also requires future-oriented application concepts as well as energy- and cost-efficient solutions. In this context, the versatile possibilities of electrical energy conversion must be considered and researched.

    The R&D work is carried out at the ETI by means of modern signal processing systems and machine control systems. Another research area at ETI covers the holistic view of electrical machines. The aim is to develop the drive train of electric drives for future generations in a cost-efficient and application-oriented way, thereby contributing to electromobility. By means of FEM-based tools and novel cooling concepts, the motor design is optimized taking into account all drive components, leading to an increase in the overall efficiency of the drive. Research work on dynamic noise and vibration behavior is also an important issue in the optimization of existing and development of new types of drive concepts. The institute's technological expertise and many years of experience create a successful technology transfer for society and industry.

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