Application of Amorphous Alloy to High Speed Motors for Electric Vehicles

  • Contact:

    Dr.-Ing. Jing Ou


  • Project Group:

    Hybrid Electrical Vehicle


  • Funding:

    Detusche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

    (Funding code: DO 1966/2-1)

    Total project funding: ~ 250.000 €


  • Partner:

    Harbin Institute of Technology, China


  • Startdate: 01.02.2018


  • Enddate:


Objectives and Results

Study of the electromagnetic and mechanical properties of an amorphous alloy as well as the feasibility study of using an amorphous alloy for high speed motors to increase the power density and efficiency of the motors.


Content and Approach

Experiment on electromagnetic and mechanical properties of amorphous alloys. The influence of temperature, stress and cutting on the properties of the amorphous alloy play an important role. Additionally, multi-physics designs and optimization of a high-speed switched reluctance machine made of an amorphous alloy are developed. Furthermore, a prototype is manufactured and tested for this project.