FlexQgrid - Dynamic Flexibility Provision in Distribution Grids and Specification of the Quota Model and Trade

  • Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marc Hiller
  • Project Group:

    Power Electronic Systems

  • Funding:

    The project is supported and funded by PtJ and BMWi (funding code 03EI4002F)

    Total project funding: ~ 1,1 mio. €

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Objectives and Results

The energy system is changing from large power plants to decentralized renewable energy sources. In addition, the demand for electricity is rising due to the increase in electric vehicles and electric-powered heating systems. In order to avoid congestion at the distribution grids, 9 project partners from grid operation, industry and science developing systems and concepts over a project period of 3 years, which operate in three traffic light phases of the so-called grid traffic light. The ETI develops a power grid-friendly converter for domestic use.

Content and Approach

  • Development of a modular multilevel converter
  • Flexible integration of energy storage, loads and energy sources
  • Multiple connected full-bridge cells for low THD