Lifetime cycle investigation on electric insulation systems

  • Motivation

    Special demands are placed on the winding insulation system of electric motors in the power train of electric vehicles. Short cable lengths can not damp the steep switching slopes of the semiconductor switch. High utilization of the engines leads to high peak temperatures and important temperature changes. On the other hand, the intermediate circuit voltage is upwards limited by the battery and usually the required operating time over the life of the vehicle is lower than for industrial engines required. For an optimum drive, the isolation system must be running minimal, to achieve the maximum power density. Thus, the reliability of the system shall not be affected.


    In this work an appropriate test is to be designed and built, that allows to examine the influences on the lifetime of the isolation system.

    • Training in the subject of electrical insulation.
    • 'Design of experiment': selection of test parameters and the test objects.
    • Circuit design for the load of the probes with voltage pulses.
    • Installation and commissioning of the test.
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