Analysis and Modeling of the Quasi-Z-Source-Inverter

  • Autor:

    Andreas Liske, Gerhard Clos, Michael Braun

  • Quelle:

    IECON 2011 - 37th Annual Conference on IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Melbourne

  • Datum: 7. - 10. November 2011
  • This  paper  presents  a  dynamic  average  model  of the  Quasi-Z-Source  Inverter  (QZSI),  based  on  the  short  term average values over one PWM-period, and the analysis of the possible switching states that can occur in the QZSI. The model is considerably descriptive since the modeling has been performed by analyzing the physical and functional relations with only little mathematical  complexity.  Another  advantage  of  the proposed model is that the load current only acts as a disturbance input, and is not directly linked with the model structure itself. This allows  a  separate  examination  of  either  command  input  or disturbance response and makes the model independent of the given load. The model has been tested successfully in conjunction with  an  adequate  cascade  control  loop  design  and  a  QZSI-prototype in hardware.