A Novel PM-free High-speed Linear Machine with Amorphous Primary Core

  • Autor:

    Jing Ou, Yingzhen Liu, Markus Schiefer, Martin Doppelbauer

  • Quelle:

    IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 

  • This paper proposes a novel DC-excited flux-modulated linear machine with new primary structure for utilizing amorphous core. Although amorphous core is regarded as a good candidate in high efficient electric machines, and being investigated for decades, it has not been widely used in electric machines yet. The key challenge is the difficulty in slotting. For the new structure, the difficulty in slotting is avoided. Furthermore, the proposed machine is economical and has robust double salient structure without any permanent magnets (PMs), and both single-toothed field and armature windings are located together in the primary core. By regulating the field excitation, the machine can operate at a wide speed range. Due to the low loss of amorphous core, this machine shows high efficiency at high speed.