Simulation of Stator Winding Faults with an Analytical Model of a PMSM

  • Autor:

    Simon Foitzik, Martin Doppelbauer

  • Quelle:

    IEEE Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems Conference - 2018

  • Datum: Dezember 2018
  • Abstract

    Stator winding faults are one of the major limitations of the lifetime and reliability of electrical machines. Interturn faults are for that matter often the origin of more severe faults, which can lead to complete system failures. This paper presents an analytical machine model, to investigate the behavior of PMSMs with dynamic stator winding faults on turn level. In order to keep the model compact, the levels of abstraction can be adapted within the machine model. The acausal implementation of the electric domain allows the simulation of one model with different operating modes. This paper compares the simulation results of the analytical model with FEA simulation results. The average torque differs in case of two inter-turn faults at nominal load operation by 2% and the amplitude of the fault currents differs by 5 %. There is no difference in the frequencies and phase angles of the fault currents and the torque. In our future work, we will use the presented model to develop a fault management system, allowing fault tolerant operation of safety critical applications.