An Improved Adaptive Current Control for d.c.-d.c. Converters Based on Current Slope Detection

  • Autor:

    Frank Becker, Thomas Lannert, Michael Braun

  • Quelle:

    IEEE-ICIT 2010 Chile

    International Conference on Industial Technology

    14-17 March 2010, Vina del Mar-Valparaiso, Chile


This paper presents a predictive one-step current
control scheme for d.c.-d.c. converters with a generic RLE load.
In avoidance of the parameter sensitivity of the controller, a
permanent identification of the controlled system will be used, so
that there is also no need of knowledge of the control parameters
like the inductance, resistance and d.c.-link voltage. Only current
measurement is necessary. The identification needs no additional
test pulses, instead it uses the current response caused by the
alternation of the switching states of the d.c.-d.c. converter with
a standard pulse-width modulation (PWM). It will be shown that
this control is suitable for four-quadrant operation. Furthermore
it needs no superposed control circuit for the regulation of the
mean value of the current.