FPGA-Based Real-Time Simulation of Nonlinear Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines for Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Emulation Systems

  • Author:

    Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Schmitt, Dipl.-Ing. Jan Richter, M.Sc. Uli Jurkewitz, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Braun


This paper presents an FPGA-based real-time simulation
system of a nonlinear permanent magnet synchronous
machine and its qualification for power hardware-in-the-loop
emulation systems. The machine model considers the magnetic
anisotropy of the rotor, the saturation of the iron as well as dynamic
cross-coupling effects between the direct- and quadrature
axis of the machine. A specifically designed high performance
signal processing system is developed to calculate the machine
behavior with a frequency of 1.5 MHz. The developed model
calculates the state variables of the machine as well as the counter
voltage for an emulation converter in a way that the coupling
network of the power hardware-in-the-loop emulation test bench
could be equipped with any inductance. Measurements validate
the proper function of the machine model and demonstrate the
accurate solution of the nonlinear differential equation system of
an anisotropic synchronous machine with nonlinear magnetics in