A Novel 100 kW Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Emulation Test Bench for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines with Nonlinear Magnetics


This paper presents a high dynamic power hardware-inthe-loop (PHIL) emulation test bench to mimic arbitrary permanent magnet synchronous machines with nonlinear magnetics. The proposed PHIL test bench is composed of
a high performance real-time simulation system to calculate the machine behaviour and a seven level
modular multiphase multilevel converter to emulate the power flow of the virtual machine. The PHIL test bench is
parametrized for an automotive synchronous machine and controlled by a motor converter using a predictive
trajectory dead-beat current controller. Measurements of high dynamic current steps and phase current ripples at
the real machine are reproduced precisely at the PHIL test bench. Thus, the validity of the used machine model as well as the excellent performance of the PHIL test bench is proven.