Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Braun

The Chair of Electrical Drives and Power Electronics has been headed from 1995 till 2020 by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Braun. The research ares has been split main topics:


Electric Drives

  • Modelling of electric drives
  • Field oriented control of electrical machines
  • Control of electrical machines in terms of torque, speed, angle
  • Characterisation of motors supplied by inverters


Converter Systems

  • Novel topologies: modular multilevel converters, matrix converter
  • Regenerative energy sources: power electronics for solar and wind energy
  • Power electronics for electromobility
  • Novel power semiconductors

Power converter systems

  •     Renewable energies: converters for solar and wind energy
  •     Grid-friendly power supply with PFC (= Power Factor Controller) and AFE (= Active Front End)
  •     Power electronics for vehicles
  •     Energy supply and distribution



  •     Integration of electrical and mechanical systems