A novel high dynamic six phase 120 kW Power Hardware in the Loop Emulation Test Bench for emulating AC/DC Grids and Electrical Machines

  • Author:

    Lukas Stefanski, Rüdiger Schwendemann, Daniel Bernet, Dennis Bräckle, Benedikt Schmitz-Rode, Andreas Liske, Marc Hiller

  • Source:

    2021 23rd European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE'21 ECCE Europe)

  • Date: 6-10 Sept. 2021
  • This paper presents a highly customizable 120kVA Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop test bench. The output stage consist of two identical Parallel Hybrid Converters each with a 17-level output voltage and an effective switching frequency of 1MHz. The Parallel Hybrid Converters can provide 3-phase AC or bipolar DC as output voltage. Thus, one 6-AC, 3-AC or DC system or two systems with 2x3-AC, 1x3-AC and 1xDC or 2xDC can be emulated.