A 60 kW Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Bench for grid emulation based on a Series Hybrid Cascaded H-Bridge Converter

  • Author:

    Rüdiger Schwendemann, Dominik Schulz, Lukas Stefanski, Marc Hiller

  • Source:

    2021 23rd European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE'21 ECCE Europe)

  • Date: 6-10 Sept. 2021
  • In this paper the requirements for a Power Hardware-In-the-Loop (PHIL) system for the emulation of grids and grid faults are discussed. Solutions for all parts of the PHIL system – the power electronics, the signal processing system and the software structure – are presented. Subsequently, an analysis of the accuracy, bandwidth and stability of the PHIL testbench is done and the effects of different interface algorithms are shown. Concluding, measurement results of emulated highly dynamic grid faults such as voltage dips and spikes, distorted grids and weak grid situations are shown, which prove the performance of the PHIL system.