Power Electronics

  • type: Lecture & Exercise
  • chair: Institute of Electrical Engineering (ETI ) - Power Electronic Systems
  • semester: SS 2021
  • place:

    Lectures: online, Zoom link on ILIAS

    Tutorials: online, Zoom link on ILIAS

  • time:

    Lectures: Tuesday, 10:00 - 11:30, weekly
    Tutorials: Friday, 14:00 - 15:30, see timetable on ILIAS

  • start: 13.04.2021
  • lecturer:

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marc Hiller

    M. Sc. Simon Frank

  • sws: 2+1
  • ects: 5
  • lv-no.: 2306323
  • exam:

    Written examination

Course description

Power Electronics play an increasingly important role in the future energy landscape. The german Energiewende and increased flexibility of future transmission and distribution grids lead to new applications for Power Electronics. In addition to HVDC systems and renewable energy sources new developments also address low and medium voltage applications with enhanced features, efficiency and reliability. New circuit topologies and power semiconductors enable promising solutions to replace or enhance the performance of conventional systems.

The course will present the fundamentals of Power Electronics including the most important power semiconductors and basic circuit topologies. It contains DC/DC converters such as buck-converters, boost-converters and multi-quadrant converters as well as DC/AC converters such as the three-phase bridge. The electrical and the thermal behavior of semiconductors and converters, as well as different semiconductor packaging technologies are discussed. Furthermore power loss calculations and different modulation strategies are presented.

By attending this course, the students will gain a solid understanding of DC/DC and DC/AC energy conversion systems.

The topics from the lectures will be recaped and deepened in the tutorials.



Basic knowledge of the principles of electrical networks

Knowledge in higher mathematics



- Introduction to Power Electronics
- Overview of Power Semiconductor Switches (Diode, Thyristor, GTO, IGBT, MOSFET)
- Structure of Power Module Packages
- Heat Transfer of Power Semiconductors, Loss calculations
- DC-DC Switch-Mode Converters (Step-Down Converter, Step-Up Converter, Buck-Boost Converter, Flyback Converter)
- Line-Frequency Phase-Controlled Rectifiers and Inverters (Single-Phase, Three-Phase)
- High Voltage DC Transmission
- Switch-Mode Inverters (Single Phase, Three Phase)
- Modulation Strategies
- Variable Frequency Inverters


From now on, this lecture will be only offered in the summer semester, starting with the SS 2021!

The materials can be find on ILIAS. There is no password required. The lectures and tutorials will be online via Zoom, the corresponding link can be find on ILIAS.

Timetable (SS 2021):

Please check the timetable / calendar on the ILIAS platform.


Written examination (SS 2021)

time: 20.8.2021

place: MTI-HS (building 30.33)

More information regarding the exam here.