Operating Performance of the Modular Multilevel Matrix Converter in Drive Applications

  • Author:

    Felix Kammerer, Dennis Bräckle, Mario Gommeringer, Mathias Schnarrenberger, Michael Braun

  • Source:

    Proceedings 2015 PCIM Europe, International Conference and Exhibition for Power
    Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management, Nuremberg,
    Germany, May 19-21, 2015
    Publisher: VDE Verlag
    Year: 2015
    ISBN: 978-3-8007-3924-0
    Pages: 549-556

  • Date: 19.05.2015-21.05.2015
  • Abstract
    The Modular Multilevel Matrix Converter (M3C) is an emerging topology, especially suitable for
    high torque low speed drive applications in the medium voltage range. One special benefit is
    the overload capability of the output currents. Up to 200% of the nominal values can be reached
    near standstill to overcome breakaway torques without additional efforts. This contribution gives
    an experimental verification of the operating performance by using a low voltage laboratory
    prototype with 5 cells per arm. In addition, different energy balancing methods, depending on
    the operating point are presented. Finally, possible applications for the M3C are discussed.