Hybrid Energy Storage System Control for the Provision of Ancillary Services

  • Author:

    Bernd Bohnet, Sebastian Kochanneck, Ingo Mauser, Sebastian Hubschneider, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Braun, Hartmut Schmeck, Thomas Leibfried

  • Source:

    International ETG Congress 2017

  • Date: November 2017


Distributed generation challenges power quality and voltage stability in low voltage distribution grids and may cause overloads. Making these grids and their connected entities more active and able to provide ancillary services may help to cope with these problems. This paper presents ongoing work on the capability to provide ancillary services in low voltage systems by means of a hybrid energy storage system composed of lead-acid batteries and electric double layer capacitors. The assessed test cases are based on an extended traffic light approach to deal with different grid states that respect a local energy optimization using an automated building energy management system. First results show the hybrid storage system's capabilities of providing ancillary services within the green and yellow traffic light phase.