A Simple Indirect Voltage Sensing Method for Line-Connected Inverters

  • Autor:

    Becker, F.; Scherer, A.; Weigold, J.; Braun, M.

  • Quelle:

    EPE2007 12th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications 2.-5. September 2007 Aalborg, Denmark

  • Inverter-fed drives will be used more and more frequently for variable speed drive applications with
    high dynamics. For saving braking energy and reduction of cooling effort it is useful to deploy self-
    commutated line side converters even in low power applications. The method proposed in this paper
    allows to synchronise the converter to the grid without sensing the line voltage. Hence additional hard-
    ware for voltage sensing is not necessary.
    Furthermore the implementation of this method on a microcontroller system is presented.