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Lecture & Exercise SS 2021

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This study highlights the interdependencies between the design of a fully superconducting 10 MW wind power generator and the corresponding design of its power electronic converter.

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This paper presents an intelligent, modular two level, three phase inverter platform for up to 1200 V DC-link voltage and 400 kW continuous power at 10 kHz switching frequency. It features an integrated signal processing system and various sensors, which allow standalone as well as cross-linked operation. Customizable software of the signal processing system allows easy adaption to different applications such as Active-Front-End (AFE), DC/DC-converters, Dual-Active-Bridges or Drive Inverters. Focus of this paper is a design guideline for an inverter platform which fulfills requirements of various applications with regard to sensor setup, control, failure management and monitoring. Design goal of the platform is a fast setup of new testbench concepts for academic research and novel applications.