Head of Institute
Name Title Professorship E-mail
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hybrid and Electric Vehicle (HEV) martin doppelbauerSbt6∂kit edu
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Power Electronic Systems (PES) marc hillerDpd8∂kit edu
Honorary Professorship/Retired Professorships
Name Titel Aufgabengebiet Tel. E-Mail
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Leistungselektroniksysteme für regenerative Energien +49 761 4588-5237 bruno burgerOzb6∂partner kit edu
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Electric Drives and Power Electronics +49 721 608-42472 michael braunKwc7∂kit edu
Batterietechnikum - Energiespeichersysteme
Name Title Function E-mail
MBA Scientific Management laura silbernagelGub7∂kit edu
Dr.-Ing. Team Leader System Engineering - Energy Strorage Systems dennis braeckleQef0∂kit edu
M.Sc. Group Leader System Control and Analysis nina munzke@kit eduVul3∂kit edu
External PhD students
Name Research Topic E-mail
Development of an electric motor for an electronic group drive on a printed circuit board basis andreas bauerUyb0∂hs-kl de
Optimal design of electrical machines for 48V drive systems lukas deckerHxj0∂partner kit edu
Wide-Band-Gap, Mulitphase e-Motors and Adaptive Alogrithms controlled via FPGA for an optimized e-Motor System narciso_genovese marmolejoBfo1∂daimler com
Analyse und Entwurf eines hochfrequenten DC-DC-Konverters mit Wide-Bandgap-Halbleitern martin hergtDud8∂siemens com
  erik hoevenaarsOus0∂de bosch com
Thermal behavior of servo gearmotors andre kreamerExo1∂partner kit edu
The influence of the stator's process technology on the electromagnetic behavior of electric motors for use in electric vehicles. jonas mattOwa1∂partner kit edu
Function integration through the use of plastics in electric motors steffen reuterWeo2∂partner kit edu
Development and optimization of a measurement and control method for sensorless control of a switched reluctance motor christoph roethRbv4∂partner kit edu
Numerical investigations of oil radiative cooling on electric motors christoph schmidtTbg1∂hs-nordhausen de
Implementation of a control scheme considering design features of automotive multi-motor/hybrid electrical machine drives samar singhUhh0∂daimler com
  sabrina ulmerClv2∂kit edu
Rotor position sensor technology for off-axis applications in electric drives jie zhouLmh8∂schaeffler com
Externer Doktorand eryang wangMho7∂partner kit edu